Anatomy, Augmented


The world’s most advanced anatomy education platform.


Healthcare Education, Reimagined.

Current technologies in health education utilize cadaveric specimens, traditional textbooks/atlases, and digital graphics on 2D screens. These tools often suffer from limited accessibility, expensive maintenance, poor visuospatial understanding, lack of interactivity, and inadequate multi-user engagement.

AnatomyX sets a new standard for immersive anatomy education, benefiting students, instructors and administrators across the enterprise.

  • Exceptional Detail

    Expertly modeled male and female body from real patient CT/MRI imaging

    Over 5000+ structures, continuously updated for ever-growing detail

    Advanced textures, normal maps, and lighting for superior photorealism

  • Powerful Dashboards

    Secure accounts for every student, professor, and administrator

    All data, including quiz/test data, is securely collected in our cloud infrastructure

    Advanced analytics allows for incredible insight into student and class progress

  • State-of-the-Art Holographic Design

    100+ voice commands for easy navigation by system and/or region

    Hand gesture controls using the latest in computer vision technology

    Advanced speech recognition API for medical terminology

  • Multi-User Collaboration

    Real-time collaboration with up to 20 users simultaneously

    Advanced modes including dissection, isolation, and mastery

    Limitless self-exploration and/or expertly-guided instruction