Anatomy, Augmented


The world’s most advanced anatomy education platform.


Health Education, Reimagined.

Current technologies in health education utilize cadaveric specimens, traditional textbooks, and digital graphics on 2D screens. These tools often suffer from limited accessibility, expensive maintenance, poor visuospatial understanding, lack of interactivity, and inadequate multi-user engagement.


AnatomyX sets a new standard for immersive anatomy education, benefiting students, instructors and administrators across the enterprise.

  • Exceptional Detail

    Expertly modeled male and female body from real patient CT/MRI imaging

    Over 5000+ structures, continuously updated for ever-growing detail

    Advanced textures, normal maps, and lighting for superior photorealism

  • Powerful Dashboards

    Secure accounts for every student, professor, and administrator

    All data, including quiz/test data, is securely collected in our cloud infrastructure

    Advanced analytics allows for incredible insight into student and class progress

  • State-of-the-Art Holographic Design

    100+ voice commands for easy navigation by system and/or region

    Hand gesture controls using the latest in computer vision technology

    Advanced speech recognition API for medical terminology

  • Multi-User Collaboration

    Real-time collaboration with up to 20 users simultaneously

    Advanced modes including dissection, isolation, and mastery

    Limitless self-exploration and/or expertly-guided instruction