Advancing the Health and Anatomical Sciences with Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing

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Health Education, Reimagined.

It is the tension between modern learning styles, and traditional teaching methodologies, that invites all educators to find new tools for the next-generation of students to thrive.


The New Gold-Standard for Immersive Learning

“The multi-user functionality is a complete game-changer.” - Instructor

“You gain a new understanding of anatomy in ways that traditional dissection, organ tutorials or other resources can’t stand up to.” - Medical Student

“I find it really difficult to be able to discern spatial relationships from drawings, and this AR technology allows me to be able to walk around, rotate, dissect, and truly examine the different anatomical structures. It is also really intuitive even if you have never worked with it before.” - Nursing Student

“I love the ability to visualize structures in three dimensions and get a much better feel for how everything is related and fits together. For anyone who is a visuospatial learning. this technology is extremely useful in consolidating three-dimensional knowledge of any anatomical region or system that you want to explore.” - College Student

  • Powerful Dashboards

    Secure accounts for every student, professor, and administrator

    All data, including quiz/test data, is securely collected in our cloud infrastructure

    Advanced analytics allows for incredible insight into student and class progress

  • State-of-the-Art Holographic Design

    100+ voice commands for easy navigation by system and/or region

    Hand gesture controls using the latest in computer vision technology

    Advanced speech recognition API for medical terminology

  • Multi-User Collaboration

    Real-time collaboration with up to 20 users simultaneously

    Advanced modes including dissection, isolation, and mastery

    Limitless self-exploration and/or expertly-guided instruction