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Join the team that is helping shape a new standard of surgery.

About us
At Medivis, we believe that healthcare should be innovative, accessible, and most importantly, life-changing. That’s why we’re committed to leveraging the power of augmented reality to enhance surgical procedures, improve patient outcomes and transform the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our team of world-class engineers, scientists, and medical professionals are united in our mission to make surgery safer, more precise, and less invasive than ever before. By combining the latest advancements in AR technology with cutting-edge medical knowledge and expertise, we’re developing a suite of software tools that are changing the game for surgeons and patients alike.

Flatiron District, NYC
Even our benefits have perks.

Health insurance

That’s a given. We offer comprehensive health insurance options, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, to ensure that our employees have access to quality healthcare.


Vacation time

We believe that taking time off is important for our employees' well-being and productivity. That's why we offer unlimited vacation time.


Parental leave

Family is important to us. We provide paid time off for both primary and secondary caregivers, as well as flexible scheduling options upon return to work.


Work-life balance

We’ve embraced a hybrid environment to support a healthy work-life balance for our employees. Our flexible work culture enables our employees to manage their personal and professional responsibilities more effectively.



We believe that all employees should have a stake in the success of the company. As such, we offer equity packages to eligible employees, ensuring that they have a share in the company's growth and success.



At Medivis, we invest in our employees' growth and development by offering a variety of learning opportunities. We encourage our employees to expand their knowledge and skills to advance their careers.

Values we live by.

Obsess over the customer experience.

We deeply understand what we're building and who we're building it for. We strive to continuously push the boundaries and define the leading edge of innovation within surgical procedures to deliver a seamless and beautiful experience for our customers.

Inspire through action.

This value encourages us to dream big, challenge the status quo, and push ourselves to achieve more than we thought possible. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire not only our team members but also our customers, partners, and the wider industry, to take bold action and transform the future of healthcare together.

Move with heartfelt curiosity.

We channel our impatience into action, continuously pushing ourselves to improve and move faster. This mindset fuels our curiosity and motivates us to ask tough questions, challenge assumptions, and seek out new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Diversity and experience.

Medivis brings together doctors and engineers of all backgrounds from around the world. Some of our in- house expertise includes neuroanatomy, radiology, mixed-reality technology, graphics engineering, user- experience design, database architecture, web applications development, and 3D modeling.

Multidisciplinary and collaborative.

Given the nature of our work, each member of our team finds themselves in constant communication and collaboration with each division of our company. Engineers with designers, modelers with surgeons, user-experience architects with graphics engineers, and so on. Our highly adept and flexible team continue to prove their distinctiveness in the mixed reality and med-tech industries.

Ready to join a team changing the standard of care?

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