Holographic cranial navigation with sub-millimeter accuracy.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the surgical experience through augmented reality. Our software can help assist surgeons in navigating complex procedures, offering improved accuracy, reduced procedure times, and enhanced patient care.

No two patients are the same.

Studies show EVD misplacement rates range from 20-40% every year in the United States*. By holographically mapping your patient's imaging dataset in real-time, our advanced augmented reality solution will empower you to tailor your trajectory precisely for your patient, not only relying on generic landmarks.

Current standard of care.

20-40% of external ventricular drains (EVDs) are misplaced.*

Showing unguided EVD
Blindly advance catheter into the brain.

Future standard of care.

Head-mounted AR computers enable precision guidance.

Showing AR guided EVD
See the invisible with AR navigation.
Registration and tracking

Optimize your efficiency with time-saving registration.

Cranial Navigation will support 3 registration techniques to register your patients CT and MRI imaging to their body. Our pin-less workflow with full range head mobility enables a streamlined and comfortable patient experience.

  • Landmark registration
  • Trace registration
  • Automatic registration

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