About us

Augmented reality is the final frontier of medical visualization, allowing us to re-think how medical imaging can be best utilized throughout all action stages of the surgical decision-making process.

— Christopher Morley, MD

Diversity of Experience

Medivis brings together doctors and engineers of all backgrounds from around the world, to ensure a comprehensive knowledge base backs up all projects we undertake. Just some of our in-house expertise includes neuroanatomy, radiology, mixed-reality technology, graphics engineering, user-experience design, database architecture, web applications development, and 3D modeling.

Multidisciplinary & Collaborative

Given the nature of our work, each member of our team finds themselves in constant communication and collaboration with each division of our company. Engineers with designers, modelers with surgeons, user-experience architects with graphics engineers, and so on. Our highly adept and flexible team continue to prove their distinctiveness in the mixed reality and med-tech industries.

We took one look at Medivis' platform and knew they were poised to transform the operating room. Not only does their hands-free approach to visualization meet a real need for greater surgical accuracy, but the team has the passion and expertise in the medical field to bring it all to fruition.
— Eric Woersching,
Initialized Capital