Augmented reality for surgery.

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Medivis is harnessing augmented reality and computer vision to build software that improves surgical outcomes for patients and drives efficiencies in cost savings for medical institutions.


Plan your procedures.

FDA cleared SurgicalAR.
Our technology transforms complex 2D imaging, like MRI and CT scans, into real-time 3D visualizations that can be superimposed onto the patient's body in real-time at the bedside.
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On-premise IT deployment. No cloud. No PHI stored.
Patient data never leaves the hospital firewall. A seamless, secure HIPAA compliant PACS integration.
Patient search to hologram in 10 seconds.
From PACS search to 3D holographic rendering, see your patient information from any raw DICOM data. No matter the type of scan.

“Medivis SurgicalAR allows you to see the things you normally can’t see. I think this technology will become an incredibly powerful tool for neurosurgeons and has the potential to be revolutionary for all surgical specialties.”

Randy D’Amico, M.D
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health

Navigate with precision.

“Augmented reality is a disruptive technology that has just begun to change how we practice neurosurgery. Medivis is at the forefront in this industry, leading the way with their innovative and thoughtful approach to AR integration into healthcare.”

Edward G. Andrews, M.D
Attending Neurosurgeon, Department of Neurosurgery University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Train your students.

AnatomyX 3D learning platform for medical education.
This technology isn't just for experienced surgeons; it's a powerful tool for training the next generation, sharing knowledge and techniques globally.
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Interactive curriculum in and out of the classroom.
Our highly-detailed, anatomically accurate datasets offer an unparalleled teaching tool, allowing you to illustrate concepts with clarity never before possible.
From medical schools to residency programs.
Designed for institutions of any size, foster more engagement in anatomy learning through AR.

“The results speak for themselves. Last term, students using AR demonstrated a one- to two-letter grade improvement with 95% reporting their learning was enhanced. We also saw a 20% decrease in failures.”

Segar Annamalai
Chief Information Officer,
West Coast University

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