510K FDA-Cleared Spatial Computing Platform

HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2

See the invisible.

SurgicalAR is a FDA-cleared surgical imaging platform leveraging the latest breakthroughs in augmented reality and spatial computing to improve surgical decision-making, workflow efficiency and patient safety.

Holographic Processing Unit 2.0

Holographic Processing Unit 2.0

Do the impossible.

Our data and infrastructure security and privacy management protocols have been designed based on the NIST and ISO27001 standards which form the basis for HIPAA and HITECH, HITRUST and SOC2 certification.

  • State-of-the-Art Medical Visualization:

    Mobile holographic workstation directly integrates with hospital PACS servers

    Industry-leading conversion speeds, study selection to hologram in <10 sec

    Secure/encrypted data streaming, never stored locally on device

  • Seamless Clinical Integration

    Voxel-based stereoscopic holography on a wireless AR headset

    Low-latency networking solution with the Microsoft HoloLens

    Superior user experience with the best-in-class GPU rendering speeds (>60 FPS)

  • Award-Winning User Interface Design

    Superior ease-of-use with an intuitive touchscreen interface

    Medical speech recognition API for complex voice commands

    Computer vision hand-tracking controls for sterile intraoperative use

  • SurgicalAI (alpha)

    SurgicalAI with Tensorflow Serving and gRPC architecture

    Machine learning models to speed workflows and extract critical information

    Introduction of a revolutionary segmentation toolset known as Voxel Paint