AR in Neurosurgery

See what others can't.
Do what others can't.

Enhance your surgical accuracy, efficiency, and patient care with our SurgicalAR cutting-edge planning and navigation system for neurosurgery.


The image guided visual operating system to streamline your entire clinical workflow.

The Medivis SurgicalAR system offers neurosurgeons a fast, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional image-guided surgery. Our augmented reality technology provides an intuitive and hands-on approach to navigation and planning, giving neurosurgeons the tools they need to streamline and simplify their clinical workflows.

Minimize registration from 30 minutes to less than 10 seconds.

Connect securely to your PACS and create a holographic digital twin of your patient in seconds.

Improve precision to help improve surgical outcomes.

Quickly register and plan your surgeries with interactive and automatic segmentation applications.

Reduce costs and increase hospital economic value.

Cost-effective surgical planning and navigation system for surgeons.

Enhance precision and outcomes in treating cranial tumors, meningioma and glioblastoma.

Our cutting-edge technology allows neurosurgeons to visualize intricate tumor structures in real-time, facilitating precise surgical planning and execution. With augmented reality, we can precisely locate and navigate complex tumor regions, enabling safer and more efficient resections.

Empowering you with limitless precision in STA-MCA Bypass and MVD procedures.

By seamlessly integrating advanced visualization and navigation capabilities, our technology empowers neurosurgeons to perform intricate procedures like STA-MCA bypass and microvascular decompression (MVD) with unparalleled precision and safety. Experience real-time, three-dimensional guidance that enhances the accuracy of vessel identification, planning graft placement, and avoiding critical structures.

Unleashing next-level decision-making for EVD, ICH, and SEPS in neurointensive care.

Unlock the potential of augmented reality in neurointensive care, revolutionizing the way we place external ventricular drains (EVD), manage intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), and target subdural hematoma evacuating port system (SEPS). Seamlessly integrating patient-specific data and real-time imaging, our augmented reality technology provides neurosurgeons with invaluable insights for precise catheter placement, monitoring, and therapeutic interventions.

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