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Our biggest update yet.

January 2024

See a walkthrough of what’s new in SurgicalAR 1.5.0.

Hear from our Head of Marketing on recently added product updates and launches from the Medivis team.

First-of-its-kind Automatic Registration.

Automatically register a patient's MRI or CT scan in seconds using Facial Capture.

  1. Open your "Menu" by lifting your left palm to your face.
  2. Select "Plan," then "Registration, then "Automatic," then "Facial Capture." ​
  3. Look at your patient and hold until you see 3 blue dots that connect. Congratulations, you've now just registered in seconds.

Now you can see photorealistic renderings in 3D.

See your patient's CT imaging as realistic 3D renderings in mixed reality. From workstation to augmented reality, now you have the option to better understand your patient's data and navigate complex anatomical structures in real-time.

Real-time Automatic Segmentation—powered by AI.

Our deep-learning based Automatic Segmentation comes with the following new features: brain segmentation, skull stripping and ventricle detection.

Brain segmentation.

Automatically segment out brain anatomy on MRIs using our deep learning and AI.

Skull stripping.

This new feature provides clinicians with a clear view of what truly matters, by automatically segmenting the brain from surrounding skull structures on MRIs.

Ventricle detection.

Automatically detect and highlight ventricles in CT scans, simplifying complexity to reveal the clarity you need—powered by our advanced deep-learning algorithms.


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