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STL importer now available.

April 2024

See a walkthrough of the new feature in SurgicalAR 1.6.0.

Hear from our Product Manager on one of the most requested features.

See your patients’ pedicle screws, tumors and more with STL importer.

Reveal regions of interest with our STL model importer. See the model-based surgical plan in front of you just like customized 3D printing. Visualize with the original medical imaging, rendered realistically.

How to get started

  • Click on the Model button in the toolbar
  • Tap Import button and select the folder of your .stl models
  • Models are now available to view and customize using the icons below

Show/Hide Model

Show and hide models to get a complete overview or select one specific model at a time.

Change Model Color

To help differentiate the models from each other, you can change the model colors.

Highlight Model

This allows you to see the the object of interest through all layers in the model.


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